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Training Room Pic 7.jpgAs a factory certified training center, we are one of several centers with factory-designed and approved courses. These courses have been developed by investing countless hours into developing a true-to-life training program, where the end user can utilize the system tools and knowledge in the future to manage their facility needs. We offer a variety of training courses that range from basic operator level to more advanced classes, including Eikon Logic programming.


After attending our courses, your building personnel will have the knowledge necessary to operate and manage your facility more efficiently. We currently have Factory Certified eLearning classes available and will provide more information regarding in-classroom training in the future.


Because of the recent global pandemic, much of the training in the US has been moved to an online learning platform. We have also adopted to this method of learning and remain committed to providing you with the most innovative learning tools available. Our available course offerings are the first of its kind and offer virtual live instruction that is highly interactive and effective.

We recognize the value of in-classroom instruction and hope to return to that platform sometime in the future. In the interim, we will keep you apprised of new training developments and will do our best to communicate those updates.

If you have any questions about the 2021 course schedule, or would like to receive a course description for any of the classes offered, please contact ellieb@logicalcontrolsolutions.com.


2021 Q3 Training Schedule

Factory Certified eLearning Courses


Owner/Operator Level I

08/10 - 08/11
08/17 - 08/18
08/18 - 08/19
09/22 - 09/23
09/23 - 09/24

$ 1,350.00

Owner/Operator Level II

09/28 - 09/29

$ 1,750.00

Owner/Operator Level III

07/27 - 07/28
09/07 - 09/09

$ 1,750.00

ViewBuilder I

08/04 - 08/05
09/08 - 09/09

$ 1,350.00

Eikon Logic I

09/21 - 09/22

$ 1,350.00

Eikon Logic II

08/31 - 09/02

$ 1,750.00

Networking II

07/20 - 07/22

$ 1,750.00

BACnet Integration II

07/13 - 07/13 
08/17 - 08/17


$ 1,150.00

Modbus Integration II

08/18 - 08/18

09/29 - 09/29

$ 1,150.00


Automated Logic Factory Certified Courses


Courses are only offered to direct employees of a licensed WebCTRL® customer.

Courses require payment in advance. We accept Purchase Orders or payment via check or credit card.  (Please let us know and we can send you an invoice).