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At Logical Control Solutions, we have a proven track record of providing state of the art innovation and solutions to complex building management scenarios.  Together we determine your building priorities and review your critical needs so that we can best develop a customized and effective solution.

WebCTRL® software is the most technically advanced building automation system in the market today. Our system is comprised of user-friendly functionality and ease of control from any designated computer or hand held device.

We believe our unique state of the art system, coupled with our dedicated team of experts, sets us apart from the rest.  Allow us to become that partner.  We can assist you with not only your energy management control strategies, for both new and existing facilities; we can also help you to accomplish the following:

  • System Upgrades and Additions
  • System Integration-HVAC
  • Help you achieve LEED® Certification
  • Increase your Energy Star Rating
  • Installation Services
  • Lower Your Energy and Operating Costs
  • Simplify the Complexities of a System Integration
  • Demand Response Strategies
  • Complete HVAC & Lighting Automation Solutions
  • Extensive Metering and Monitoring
  • Building Management System Network Analysis
  • Software Update Programs
  • Scheduled Maintenance Routines

For additional Automated Logic product information and specifications, please visit the main product overview section at: http://www.automatedlogic.com/products/extlink.gif